Reliance Network Client Registration Widget

General Use
To use the Reliance Network Client Registration Widget on your web site simply add the following script tag to your web page:
<script type="text/javascript" src=" &amp;token=[Token] &amp;otherinfo=[Info Codes] &amp;button=[Button Text] &amp;newwindow=[New Window] &amp;s=[Marketing Source Code]"></script>

Tip: for a more reliable display accross multiple browsers add a DOCTYPE declaration to the top of your web page.

QueryString Parameters
Parameter Required Description
[Token] Yes Replace with the the token found on the Widgets tab under Site Builder in your Reliance Network intranet.
[Info Codes] No Replace with a pipe (|) delimited list of supported info codes (e.g. timeframe|comments; see list below).
[Button Text] No Replace with the text you want to appear on the button. If not specified the default text of "Sign Up" will be used.
[New Window] No Replace with true or false to open the client's dashboard on your Reliance Network website in a new window or in the same window respectively. If not specified the client's dashboard will open in the same window by default. Only applicable to companies who don't require a password to login.
[Marketing Source Code] No Replace with a marketing source code for tracking where a site visit originated from.

Info Codes
Code Description
timeframe Adds a field asking when the user plans on moving: Within 90 Days, Within 6 Months, Within 1 Year, After 1 Year.
ownorrent Adds a field asking if the user currently owns thier home or rents.
comments Adds a field for the user to enter any comments or questions they may have.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">

        <title>My Web Site</title>

            <script type="text/javascript" src=";token=ABCDEF"></script>


Advanced Topics
You can alter the style/layout of the control by adding a stylesheet with the supported classes to your web page.
Class Description
rn-cr Applies to the div element that contains the form.
rn-cr-l Applies to all field labels.
rn-cr-l-timeframe Applies to the timeframe label.
rn-cr-l-ownRent Applies to the own or rent label.
rn-cr-l-comments Applies to the comments label.
rn-cr-f-timeframe Applies to the timeframe field.
rn-cr-f-ownRent Applies to the own or rent field.
rn-cr-f-comments Applies to the comments field.
rn-cr-c Applies to all label-field containers.
rn-cr-message Applies to div element containing the message bubble.
rn-cr-button Applies to the button.

Default Style Definitions
You can copy and paste these style definitions into your web page and use them as a starting point.
.rn-cr { width:250px }
.rn-cr, .rn-cr input, .rn-cr select, .rn-cr textarea { font-family:Arial, Sans-Serif; font-size:10pt;margin-right:0px; }
.rn-cr-l { margin:.3em 0; float:left }
.rn-cr-c { margin:.1em 0 }
.rn-cr-c, .rn-cr-message { float:left; width:250px }
.rn-cr-message { margin:.3em 0 }
.rn-cr-button { float:left; clear:both; width:126px; margin-left:63px }
.rn-cr-l-timeframe, .rn-cr-l-ownRent, .rn-cr-l-comments { width:90px; white-space:normal; line-height:1em }
.rn-cr-f-timeframe, .rn-cr-f-ownRent { width:156px; margin-top:7px }
.rn-cr-f-comments { width:150px; }
.rn-cr-f-ownRent > input { margin-left:20px }
.rn-cr-f-ownRent > input:first-child { margin-left:0 }
.rn-cr-f label { font-size:10pt }