Licensing plans and custom development

We offer easy start-up and competitive pricing programs to meet the unique needs of broker-owners, franchise operations, large teams, banks, mortgage companies and more. This includes low cost setup, flexible licensing programs and custom software development estimates.

As a custom website and software developer, it is important for us to better understand what your business requires so we can tailer the most cost effective solution possible.

All calls are 100% confidential and we can provide general licensing information within just a few minutes.

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MLS Data

Reliance Network is a data solutions provider for the real estate and mortgage industries offering a source of clean, reliable data to power any company's needs for years.

Our Data Services currently support 700+ active MLS feeds inthe United States and Canada for over 120 companies. We are recognizedindustry-wide for our data reliability and for maintainingexceptionally high standards of data security, access,completeness, MLS compliance and service.

Our proprietary listing intake and management engines allowus to update at consistent speeds 24/7/365. Our goal is to updateat the fastest frequency possible and we have MLS’s today thatare within 5 minutes of near real-time from the moment a newlisting or changes to a listing are entered.

We often see new companies coming to us to help fix theirregular data issues. We recognize above all else the cost of missinglistings, out of date images, slow price an eraof fast moving information, home sellers and their listing agentshave no patience for slow and inaccurate MLS data. Ultimatelyyour company’s websites will succeed or fail based on the qualityof your data.

That is why at Reliance Network we work so hard every day toensure that our clients have the most reliable and timely MLSdata they will find anywhere.

Standardization & Structure

At Reliance Network we provide full IDX, IDX+Sold and VOW data sets with active and off-market listings for markets across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

We offer standardization across all 700+ MLS’s for coresearch fields such as Property Type, Listing Status, Address,Price, Square Footage, Lot Size, Beds, Baths, Year Built, Garage,DOM and more.

We download and preserve the original MLS provided fieldstructure to power our Advanced Search. This is very beneficialfor agents who are comfortable with their MLS system and arelooking to search more refined criteria specific to theirlocal markets. In addition, we offer data feeds to numerous industryportals including Zillow, Trulia,, Homes and many more.

All data and images are hosted on our high-performace cloud / CDN.Protected by fortified carrier-grade security and running onstate-of-the-art hardware and OS infrastructure. Let us show you how we can partner with your company to providereliable data with a competitive pricing structure.

For more information about Reliance Data Services,call us today: (877) 231-3209