Enterprise and Franchise Companies

Modern enterprise and franchise operations recognize the potential value of having one comprehensive, web-based platform tailored to meet their brand and business growth needs. These large operations also have specific requirements from their technology partners and the software provided.

At Reliance Network, our experience speaks volumes having built our first multi-state franchise systems in 2002. We continue to develop and provide large business solutions across the U.S supporting over 120 brands and 1,000+ franchise businesses.

Today we provide a well-defined and highly reliable hierarchical structure for multi-region operations. This includes:

  • Custom designed franchise, company, office, agent and team websites.
  • Custom designed websites for affiliated businesses including mortgage, title, new construction, luxury, commercial and more...
  • MLS structure spanning the United States, Canada and luxury markets across the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America with fast and highly reliable MLS data.
  • Portal-style designed search experience.  Fast, responsive and customizable for enterprise and franchise clients.
  • Flexible lead management, parsing, routing, delivery and reporting.
  • Innovative lead engagement systems.
  • Multi-tiered CRM for agents, teams, managers and admins
  • Flexible 3rd party CRM integrations with API-based data sharing.
  • Adaptive back-office platform with comprehensive administration controls and 3rd party integrations.
  • Custom software development.
  • Tier 1-3 premier support options.


Your brand needs every competitive advantage possible. A global platform that helps to capture market share, attract and retain franchise owners, top producing agents & teams, increase productivity, and bolster your company's, your agents' and your affiliates' bottom line revenues. With our unique software, full service approach and competitive pricing structure, let us show you how we can be one of your most valued business partners.


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