Whether you’re new to a city or have been a resident for years, there is no wrong time to become more active within your community. With summer finally here and the weather getting better for many communities throughout North America, take a chance to become more active in the coming months.

concert in city park in summer time

Attend a Local Event

Now that the pandemic is nearly over, many cities and communities throughout North America are opening back up to pre-pandemic events. You can find local events through a local or regional newspaper, local library, city or community social media account, and even via word-of-mouth. Many cities offer summer concerts and/or movie nights, food/drink festivals, and even regional or community-specific festivals and carnivals.

Whether you’re attending for pleasure, or volunteering your time, local events provide ample opportunities to meet your neighbors and enjoy a fun/exciting event, all with the added benefit of being active in your community.

Volunteers planting a tree


A great way to become more active in your city and even meet other people is by volunteering your time. Many neighborhoods, cities, and counties throughout North America will have multiple opportunities for people to come together and volunteer. Many city or municipal governments will also have committees that are likely primarily comprised of volunteers, many of which help and advise city councils or governments on issues in and related to the community.

Other volunteer opportunities can be found through neighborhood organizations, citizen involvement organizations, and even by searching for local opportunities via social media. Volunteers are always needed, and volunteering not only helps you get involved, it also helps you meet and make friends with your neighbors.

Join a Class or Group

If you’re looking to become active in your community, look for community classes or groups. Many parks and recreation districts/centers offer a multitude of classes or group activities, and libraries throughout North America will have a monthly schedule of classes/events they offer to patrons. You can also use meetup websites or social media to find groups and classes in your area for your specific interests. Whether you like gardening, running, board games, or knitting, you’ll be able to find a local class or group that caters to your special pastime or hobby.

The last couple years have been a mix of emotions for many of us. As cities continue to open up, and more and more events return, now is an excellent time to get out and find those opportunities to become more active in your community. Not only will you get to boost yourself up, but you’ll also help boost those around you.

A senior group of friends enjoying rowing on the River Derwent

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