Some of the biggest online mistakes are the most common ones, especially in the real estate industry. Time and again brokerages make these five mistakes, but there is hope. None of them are difficult to correct, and once fixed they can provide extreme value to your team. Here are five common mistakes that brokerages make online.

1. Not personalizing your brand

Howard Schultz, the famous founder and former CEO of Starbucks, believes in his people. He knows that Starbucks is a people company that happens to sell coffee – his employees are the true value proposition.

You should position your brokerage this way, too. The people behind your brand are what make your brand something to be proud of – not the other way around. Show off your team members, their unique personalities, and their efforts to go the extra mile as much as possible. This guarantees you a great online presence, and it works offline as well.

2. Buying the cheapest website hosting

Here’s the deal: if you want people to engage with your website, search for listings, and get to know your team members, your website needs to be fast.

Loading time can literally ruin a brokerage’s online efforts. It doesn’t matter how great your content or your team is if your potential clients can’t access them quickly on your site. Here are the numbers you need to know:

-40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load

-a one-second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16%

-79% of people dissatisfied with how quickly a site loads won’t buy from the site again

These numbers tell the story – don’t cheap out on your web solution. Make sure your website loads quickly and properly on all browsers. You can contact us to see if your website is set up correctly and with the latest technology.

3. Avoiding social media

Social media isn’t just for the kids anymore. It’s taking over the real estate industry. It’s interesting to note that social media users engage with brokerages at very low rates, and the reason is simple – there’s too much selling taking place and not enough engaging.

Social media is supposed to be social – don’t fall into the traditional real estate trap of only posting your listings on Facebook. Engage, start conversations, and learn from your followers. This is where the true value lies.

4. Poor retargeting efforts

Retargeting is one of the most underutilized types of online marketing in every industry, but especially in real estate. One of the main reasons it’s so underutilized is because it sounds complicated. We’re here to deliver some good news: it’s not. You can learn how to set up your first retargeting ads on Facebook in under five minutes, it’s some of the best time you can spend learning about marketing your brokerage.

Once you set up a retargeting pixel, you can advertise to people who’ve spent time on certain parts of your website, filled out contact forms, and more. It helps you capture some of the lowest hanging fruit on your page. You’re 33 times more likely to sell a home with a retargeting ad than you are with a regular display ad. Don’t miss out.


5. Not creating content

In the age of the internet, all brands need to think of themselves as publishers to some degree. Otherwise, you’ll watch your competition take the driver’s seat and establish themselves as thought leaders in your market. The best brokerages have a dedicated blog on their website and they utilize it to the utmost extent.

Give your potential clients confidence by showing them you’re the real estate experts in their community. Blogging, earning media coverage, and creating custom content is the best way to do that.

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