You need to be balancing initiatives that have worked in the past as well as new resources available in the marketplace.

If you can add value to your realtors’ career development or pocketbook, you’re off to a good start.

Leads and commissions are a major driver of agent satisfaction. However, they’re not everything.

Agents are motivated by career opportunities, advancement, and a positive work environment as well. If you can provide these, you’re on the right path to keeping more agent onboard and recruiting new ones.

But keeping agents on shouldn’t be the focus. Delivering above and beyond so they thrive needs to be the focus.

In this article, we’ll go through 4 Ways Brokerages Can Provide More Value to Their Agents.

1. Blog Content for Repurposing

blogging for realtors


When your brokerage creates content it should be with two people in mind: (i) the real estate consumer and (ii) your agents. Great content is content that both can benefit from. The real estate consumer will be entertained, inspired or informed by the content and your agent can be the one to share the content with them. When they do this they are positioning themselves as the local expert.

2. Training

Real estate training


The Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime,” is all too true when it comes to training your agents.

The combination of in-office training, bringing in experts such as Tom Ferry or doing the Ninja Selling program can be infinitely valuable to your team.

You can also host webinars, where you bring in different experts and top producers from your brokerage to share knowledge with the rest of your team. One of the advantages of webinars is the fact you can record them and distribute to new recruits.

3. Mentoring

real estate mentor

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For those agents who prioritize career development, being mentored is a big priority. If your agents can feel a company culture and not like they’re at it alone it will go along way in retaining/attracting top talent.

Mentoring isn’t rocket science, it’s more about being available and providing a safe space for your team to voice their concerns.

4. Professional Software/Websites

All the coaching, mentoring and content in the world won’t matter if your team is running on old software/websites. Staying up to date with beautifully designed websites that have powerful CRMs and IDX integration is a must.

There are many real estate website technology providers on the market, so whoever you choose make sure they’re committed to (i) customer service and (ii) innovation.

When you’re creating plans and programs or thinking about long-term planning, think of ways you can add continued value to your agents. If you add value to them, you’re only going to help yourself and your business grow alongside theirs.

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