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Reliance Network along with Roof Al provide an Al-powered customer intelligence platform that delivers individualized experiences for real estate consumers at every customer touchpoint: web, mobile, email and text.

Our platform's data management capabilities provide a unified view of your customer, allowing rapid and scalable creation of highly targeted digital interactions.

As a real estate broker, marketer or agent use Reliance Network and Roof Al to scale your customer service, convert buyers, sellers and mortgage leads, and launch personalized campaigns.


Guide customers through their home shopping journey and answer their inquiries in real-time.

Better Lead Quality

  • Richer Lead Profiles:
  • Contact info
  • Location
  • Buying criteria
  • Mortgage Pre-approval criteria
  • Selling criteria
  • Address of property to sell
  • If property is listed on the market
  • If listed with an agent / FSBO
  • If customer is working with an agent

Advanced Lead Routing
  • Per lead type
  • Per listing type
  • Per listing price/rental
  • Per brokerage service area

Advanced Traffic Analytics:
  • Percentage of buyers vs. renters vs. users with no profile
  • Social media performance
  • Residential vs. corporate vs. governmental sources
  • Breakdown per source, area, need, lead type
  • Metrics on listing performance
  • Customer journeys on the website

Personalized Lead Nurturing:
  • Property recommendations
  • Realtor®
  • Mortgage
  • Relocation
  • Agent recruiting

Enhanced Customer Experience:
  • Similar listing recommendations in real-time as the user is browsing the site
  • Resumed search experience for returning visitors
  • Advanced listing search capabilities (i.e. search as you speak)
  • Instant Answers on listing-related questions
  • Remove listing/photos requests
  • Co-browsing experience: Bot follows user around and suggests services based on where they are on the site