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Build lasting relationships with our cloud-based system of constant contact and intelligent automation that is accessible from any device.

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CRM | Features

One flexible hub to power lead and contact management, constant contact, website design, content management, SEO, listings management, performance dashboards, business planning, action plans, corporate intranet, G-Suite & O365 sync, SSO (single sign-on) and much more.

  • CRM and Lead Management
  • Mobile responsive
  • Liquid CMS Editor for websites
  • Sales pipeline & lead performance dashboards
  • Business planning module
  • Dynamic action plans
  • Interactive lead, traffic and activity reports
  • SYNC for Gmail and O365
  • Website SEO management
  • Client portal management


For every new lead opportunity and new listing, it takes just a moment to activate an interactive system of constant contact. Let us help you power intelligent automation from any device, anywhere!

  • Online Sellers Reports
  • Market Watch
  • Listing Alerts
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Action Plans
  • Email Campaigns
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24/7/365 marketing automation makes it easy to connect you to your future home buyers and sellers. Let us show you how we generate, engage, parse, route and deliver over 100,000 new real estate leads every month.

  • Built-in lead generation, parsing, routing and management
  • Custom lead routing automation
  • Constant contact systems for agents, teams and brokers
  • Automated email marketing campaigns
  • Upscale creative design that promotes market credibility
  • Modern, simple lead registration forms
  • Instant text and email lead notifications
  • Lead routing from Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and many more
  • Built-in API for CRM products like Salesforce, Top Producer and more


Timing is everything in real estate, and the lives of your contacts are constantly changing. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a system of A.I. that monitors life's events across your contacts and automatically keeps you informed? It's time for a smarter CRM!

  • Automatically reveal who in your CRM is most likely to move
  • AI knows that people move due to life events. These include marriage, education, downsizing, new employment, retirement, even storage rentals
  • Simply activate for your CRM database or a select group of contacts, then let AI power discover your next sales prospects based on algorithms that process life's events
  • Receive automatic, timely emails to keep you informed of changing contact scores and events that show a contact may be preparing to move
  • Detox - automatically cleans and sorts your database
  • Leads - reveal up to 6% of likely movers in your CRM database
  • ROI - client testimonials report up to a 24x ROI in the first year