Facebook Pixel Automated Real Estate Advertising Solutions | Reliance & Adwerx
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Through its industry-leading advertising automation platform, Adwerx provides real estate firms and their producers with digital advertising campaigns that nurture existing relationships while boosting brand visibility in targeted markets. Personalized at scale for every agent at the firm, ads are targeted by location to consumers who have shown demonstrated interest in buying or selling real estate, or directly to the agent’s CRM audience.

Through our partnership, real estate professionals can seamlessly integrate their database and Reliance websites into their automated Adwerx brand and nurture campaigns, creating a comprehensive and powerful process of connecting with key audiences.

Together, we are actively working to automate advanced digital marketing campaign processes and build a seamless customer experience. As more of the world becomes digital, designing campaigns to reach consumers where they spend their time is becoming increasingly important.

“At Reliance, we see Adwerx as our full-service, premium advertising solution for agents, teams, and brokers; one that allows our clients to have total turn-key advertising,” said Sean McRae, CEO at Reliance. “Many of our clients are already using Adwerx, so our integration simplifies their workflow and saves them a ton of time. The decision to collaborate with Adwerx was easy and a benefit for our many mutual clients.”