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Reliance Network provides email services to several dozen real estate companies comprised of several thousands of real estate agents. Reliance Network itself does not email any consumers, we only provide the services for our clients.

Emails are intended for recipients with existing business relationships with the source real estate companies and their agents/sales associates/brokers. All emails are believed to be desired by the recipients as part of the professional services provided by the real estate company and it's agents.

All emails sent include "opt out" instructions and links to stop future emails. Additionally, an email recipient should feel free to contact the sending agent and/or real estate company, the contact information for which is included on every email sent.

Reliance Network makes every effort to conform to anti-spam requirements and practices, and makes every reasonable effort to impose those requirements on its clients for whom the email services are provided. If an Internet Service Provider feels that it is receiving spam from a Reliance Network email server, we can be contacted via the forms below, or directly.

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Privacy Notice

Your Privacy is important to us. Reliance Network never sells, trades, or shares personal information with any third party or organization. All contact information is the property of its real estate clients. Reliance Network makes ever effort to support the privacy policies of its real estate clients.